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Turks and Caicos Attorneys at Law

We would be delighted to talk to you if you have any inquiries about the firm, or if you would like us to put you in touch with the right lawyer for your business or personal need.

Contact details for each of our legal departments are shown throughout the site – please use the navigation on the home page to find the legal service you need. Should you wish to contact a specific lawyer at F Chambers, please use our Who We are directory to access their direct contact details.

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Mark Fulford

Managing Partner

what we are expert at

Legal Practice Areas

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Company Incorporation

Through our sister company F Corporate, we can incorporate your company and also provide management and administration.

real estate

Real Estate Law

Whether it’s executing complex or simple real estate deals, private equity transaction, or mortgage financing we can help.

health care

Immigration Law

We practice all aspects of immigration law, be it specifically inclined to investors, entrepreneurs or employees.


Debt Recovery

We act on behalf of banking institutions and corporations to recover bad debts, enforce securities and collect from delinquent customers.


Tourism & Hotel Development

We provide a complete service in respect of tourism and hotel project development in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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Criminal Litigation

Criminal litigation is one of the firm’s core practice areas, and our team is widely experienced in many areas.

what defines us

Our Values

The values that define F Chambers can be summarized as fearlessly committed:

  • To human rights – that includes a recognition that the poorest citizen is made equal to the richest corporation simply by according them the same rights;
  • To a liberal tradition of defending freedom and citizens’ rights irrespective of the popularity of the cause or the client;
  • To creating an undisputed reputation for excellence;
  • To providing a service that is swift, efficient, responsive and at a price matching the quality of our service; and
  • To ensuring that principles of equality, respect and diversity are embodied both in the service we provide to our clients and in the recruitment, training and support policies we promote.

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    Turks & Caicos Legal Services

    F Chambers provides legal advice, services and representation in the Turks and Caicos Islands in areas such as Employment Disputes, Immigration, Company Incorporation, Company Management, Real Estate, Debt Recovery, ADR, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Family Litigation, Tourism and Hotel Development, and Wills and Probate.


    Award Winning Firm

    F Chambers is an award winning firm copping accolades from Chambers Global, The Lawyer, Corporate Live Wire, ACQ5 and NextLaw.

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    Global Reach

    F Chambers is a modern law firm affiliated with Chambers in Europe, North America and the Caribbean each with a reservoir of experienced lawyers.

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    Distinguished Work

    Our firm is sought after for its distinguished work in the inward investment sector whether it it is for banking or resort development.


    Words From Clients

    • I found F Chambers to be competent, thorough and considerate. Their lawyers exhibited patience and humility during my legal challenges. My case settled out of court and they followed up several months later to see how I was doing.

      John Henry
      Private Citizen