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F Chambers Managing Partner Mark Fulford Closely Monitors The Proposed Changes To The Immigration Ordinance And Regulations As Public Consultations Launch.


The Ministry responsible for immigration and border services has declared the start of public consultations regarding proposed changes to the Turks and Caicos Islands Ordinance. This effort involves cooperation between the Ministry of Home Affairs, which oversees citizenship maters, and the Immigration and Population Policy Council (IPPC). After conducting internal reviews and obtaining approval from the Cabinet, the Ministry is now seeking input from the public on the suggested amendments.

Some key highlights of these proposed changes include setting time limits for work permits, modifying residency requirements for investors, enhancing the authority of immigration officers, delegating more authority to the Director General, and requiring individuals to carry proof of their immigration status, which can be shown upon request by an immigration officer.

Additionally, there will be new categories of Permanent Residency Certificates (PRC) and Temporary Work Permits. The opportunity will also be available for Business Visas and certain types of Temporary Work Permits to be obtained at ports upon arrival.

The public consulta on process will unfold in three main phases. The first phase involves publishing the proposed amendments on June 15th, followed by in-person engagement with the public across the country starting the week of July 17th. The entire process will conclude on July 31st, 2023.

The Minister of Immigration and Border Services, Hon. Arlington A. Musgrove, has expressed his dedication to this initiative, mentioning the extensive deliberations and contributions from Cabinet members, the IPPC, and the Ministry of Home Affairs. He encourages the public to actively participate in various engagement opportunities regarding the proposed amendments to collectively shape the future of their country.

Details about the commencement of future phases will be announced in due course, and the public is strongly encouraged to take part in the consultation process.

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