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The value that defines F Chambers can be summarized as fearlessly committed:

To human rights – that includes a recognition that the poorest citizen is made equal to the richest corporation simply by according them the same rights;

To a liberal tradition of defending freedom and citizens’ rights irrespective of the popularity of the cause or the client;

To creating an undisputed reputation for excellence;

To providing a service that is swift, efficient, responsive and at a price matching the quality of our service; and

To ensuring that principles of equality, respect and diversity are embodied both in the service we provide to our clients and in the recruitment, training and support policies we promote.

1 Response
  1. carol zachary

    I may soon be in need of legal services in the Turks and Caicos. Thus, I would welcome your expediency and transparency in answering the following questions prior to an initial consultation of my case. Thank you.

    Do you charge for an initial consultation? If so, what?
    Is any part of your work on contingency?
    If the case involves real estate, is there a percentage-based fee involved?
    If you charge an hourly rate, what billing fractions do you use (e.g. 1/10 or 1/25 etc.)
    Do you charge different rates for different attorneys’ services?
    What do you charge for land/title searches or do you use the services of a title company for such? If so, what do they charge?
    Do you charge for the costs of long distance calls in addition to attorney-time taken?
    Besides court costs and filing fees are there other charges a client might be expected to pay?