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Tourism and Hotel Project development

We provide a complete service comprising of Inward Investment Corporate Advisory Services in respect of tourism and hotel project development, or a new business venture start up in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

We can help businesses of all sizes get started, develop and grow, whether the business is one in the reserved category for Belongers or whether it is open to foreign investment. We are able to facilitate such transactions from end to end. At the same time we also advise and facilitate overseas Companies in opening offices or acquiring businesses or assets in the TCI.

We are experienced in corporate transactions of all types, from constitutional issues to shareholder agreements, and advising management teams and financiers on financial and investment structures and agreements.

Our services include drafting NDA’s, dealing with standard terms and conditions of sale, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations (e.g. FSC), and negotiating and advising on an extensive range of commercial contracts as well as drafting and advising on development agreements.