Community Giving

At F Chambers we take great pride in giving back to the community.

F Chambers attorneys and staff believe in social responsibility and invest their time, skills and talents into community causes. We share a strong commitment to the provision of legal services for charitable purposes and engage in pro bono work from time to time. F Chambers Attorneys also sit on the boards of non-profit and community associations and support a wide range of charitable causes.

Pro Bono Work

Our attorneys share a strong commitment to the provision of legal services free of charge for charitable purposes (“pro bono legal advice”) and F Chambers is committed to facilitating and encouraging such service. It is because of pro bono service that many people are able to obtain access to justice.

We engage in pro bono legal work, including, but not limited to:

  • Teachers’ Association
  • North and Middle Caicos Mutual Burial Association
  • The Mission of Seven Day Adventist
  • Nurses Association
  • A selected number of individuals with exceptional circumstances

Demonstrating Civic Duty

Attorneys at F Chambers demonstrate their civic duty by serving the community on several government boards.

  • Telecommunications Board
  • Canada TCI French Admission Committee

F Chambers is proud of its continued commitment to civic duty and encourages its attorneys to serve the community whenever possible.

Annual Community Events

Over the years, we have demonstrated our commitment to the community in which we live and work by taking a hands-on approach to community causes and charitable events. At F Chambers we take great pride in giving back to the community. The firm tends to attract and hire caring people who are cognizant of the needs of others and who willingly take action to meet those needs. We consistently produce high staff participation rates in the charitable events we sponsor.


  • Annual Wine Cellar Golf and Fishing Tournament
  • Annual Rake and Scrape Festival
  • Abundant Life Ministries International Mothers’ Day Extravaganza


  • Annual Rake and Scrape Festival
  • National Cancer Society
  • Community College students Sweet Tooth Project
  • Abundant Life Ministries International Mothers’ Day celebration
  • Turks and Caicos softball federation
  • National Public Relations Department
  • FIFA TCI Football Association
  • Social Welfare Department

Charitable Donations

F Chambers has a long history of sponsorships and charitable giving. Our philanthropic activities span across a wide range of organizations that support many services.

The firm has a charitable donations policy which helps guide our philanthropic decision-making. Excerpts from the firm’s policy include:

  • F Chambers will make charitable donations on an annual basis.
  • The total amount to be donated will be budgeted in March of each year and will be based on a review of the firm’s recent financial results and its forecast performance for the following year.
  • Donations will be made to organizations which have “significant local presence”.
  • Requests for charitable donations received throughout the year will be retained and handled by a philanthropy committee. The committee will consider the request in light of the charities’ ‘business cases’ submitted. All charities should be “properly registered”. Preference will be shown to those charities which are able to supply current financial statements.
  • Preference will be given to organizations which clearly support “those who have not”.
  • The firm will make an annual contribution to organizations raising money for the treatment of, and search for a cure for, any form of cancer, diabetes and/or mental illness.
  • With the exception of donations to fight cancer, it is expected that the philanthropy committee will vary its support for charitable donations one year to the next.
  • The philanthropy committee will consist of one partner, the Accountant and, on a rotational basis, one attorney and one support staff member appointed by the partners.

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