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turks and caicos
In her first official opening of the legal year, the 2021 opening was marked via a virtual ceremony conducted via Zoom – which in and of itself is a testament to the fact that the new Chief Justice will continue to find ways of adapting to the challenges the judiciary faces, forging a sustainable path...
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real estate stimulus
The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) is a British overseas territory and despite the recent global events enjoys one of the more dynamic economies in the Caribbean. With a robust and speedy approach to COVID 19, TCI recorded limited cases and only one recorded death. TCI prosperity will rebound quickly with great potential and is...
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In the case where Instructing Attorney Mark Fulford provided affidavit evidence challenging Governor Dakin and Premier Cartwright remote trial laws, a prominent lawyer in the Turks and Caicos Islands has described as “shrouded in secrecy”, a new law which proposes that judges and magistrates can sit and hear cases outside this country; and he argued...
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Turks and Caicos
Managing Partner Mark Fulford welcomes the phases reopening announced by the Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands on 30th April 2020. Fulford said that businesses such as Attorneys and for his own part F Chambers should have been allowed to operate as essential workers as fairness dictated so, given that Attorney General and DPP...
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Turks and Caicos Film Festival 2019
18 November 2019. F Chambers employee Caroline Kerswell and Cleta Handfield from F Corporate Services volunteered as vital team Captains for the first international 3-day film festival. Caroline managed the Entertainment and Special Events team and Cleta managed the Box Office and Merchandise team. The experience was of hard work and long hours but gave...
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