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Servitre Smith

Servitre Smith

Accountant / Corporate Manager


Mrs. Smith is the Accountant at F Chambers and the Corporate Manager for our sister company F Corporate.

This persistent and reliable young lady is tasked with electing the right corporate structure and ensuring that same is formed and managed in accordance with the clients’ instructions. She regularly drafts specially compiled Memorandum and Articles of Association for new companies wanting to achieve specific objectives. Mrs. Smith is also equipped with the knowledge of expanding the shares of an ordinary company into voluminous amounts for mass division.

Servitre graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lee University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in double majors; Accounting and Business Administration. She is the Assistant Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) and Compliance Officer for both F Chambers and F Corporate. She holds an executive position on the Association of Company Mangers and Agents (ACMA). She is also a member of the Compliance Association of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Mrs. Smith has a passion for people, business, her community and church but her passion for her family triumphs them all. She finds the most joy being a wife and a mother to an amazing son.

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