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Happy Human Rights Day 2019!

Human Rights Day

This year, on Human Rights Day, the theme is celebrating the role of young people in bringing Human Rights to life.

Around the Globe from Hong Kong to Lebanon, young people are marching, organizing, and speaking out, Emphasizing:

  • The right to a protected environment…
  • The equality of rights for women and girls…
  • The right to participate in decision-making…as a Democratic right in a well-ordered society…

In TCI as we celebrate yet another Human Rights Day with HR Commissioner Sabrina Greene, I am proud to say as a Turks and Caicos Islander that human rights are etched into our democracy, which has come a long way.

However, I hear a clarion call and the heat of a harrowing cry burning in my ear amongst our young people for a greater and a more meaningful participation in our elected democracy; for a human and disciplined approach to the rule of law, while demanding we live up to our “Beautiful By Nature” mantra!
Our young people are saying they are tired of the washed-up ways of the past, which provide no security for their future, and which have no role and no place in our future as a nation; while we must learn from our past, there is no future in the past.

For the sake of our young people also – As we reflect on the true meaning of human rights – we must hold accountable those who are entrusted to ensure our rights are not trampled upon. In TCI our people embrace all nationalities of all creeds and all tongues and we believe NO individual should be discriminated against no matter their background – this in its essence is embodied in the very idea of Human Rights!

It is also fitting to say that our people are so welcoming and kind; our country so young and yet so filled with potential that some of those who live amongst us can at times take that for granted and tread on our human rights. We encourage everyone to consider their actions and always live consciously aware of what is best for the entire country.

So on this day, I invite us all to reflect on our own situation and try to strike the balance of being welcoming but firm. Stand your ground for your own human rights TCI in whatever capacity you are in; with love and God’s own good grace to all our fellowmen!

Mark A Fulford


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