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F Chambers Welcomes Kerchelle Bain to the TCI Bar

bain, tci bar

F Chambers has welcomed another Turks and Caicos Islander to the TCI Bar and into its law firm. Ms Kerchelle Bain was today sworn in as TCI newest attorney, following the application of Bar Council Member and Managing Partner Mark A Fulford. For the past eight months Kerchelle has been under the tutelage of Mr. Fulford and other Senior members of F Chambers in particular Mrs. Ingrid Clarke Bennett of 30plus years experience and Mr. Craig Oliver of some 25plus years call experience.

Upon being called to the TCI Bar – Bain said “It’s a strong sense of accomplishment, because this is the return for my labour and for the sacrifices to secure a better future not only for me but for my country as well. My generation is positioning to take our rightful place in this society. There is only more to come.”

F Chambers managing Partner Mark Fulford commented that, Bain shows great promise and she will be an exceptional attorney who will be an asset to the legal fraternity.

Bain had a large contingent present in the courtroom to witness her call, including her Mother Judy, father Karl, many siblings, family and friends. Present also at Bain’s call was Deputy Premier Hon. Sean Astwood among many other prominent Businessmen including construction titan Mervin Cox.

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