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Visionary TCIFA President Sonia Fulford Leads Groundbreaking on New Dormitory Project in Provo, TCI

FIFA Forward

FIFA Forward is reaching new milestones in the Turks and Caicos Islands, whose existing headquarters maintain an operational stadium that hosts official international matches, and a functional training center. The Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) facilities provide a grass and turf field to international FIFA standards, a beach soccer pitch and a futsal court.

On Wednesday August 3rd, 5:30pm, TCIFA announced the initiation of its newest construction project supported by the FIFA Forward programme. The programme aims to improve the way football is developed across the globe so that it can reach its potential in every single country and everyone who wants to take part can do so without barriers. FIFA Forward Development Programme is built to provide 360-degree, tailor-made support for football development in each member association and the six confederations based on three principles: more investment, more impact, more oversight.

The TCIFA dormitory project will construct a three-story establishment to house male and female, youth and senior, national teams in double occupancy dorms at the TCIFA National Academy headquarters. Standard modules will contain 27 rooms to be used as living spaces, personal bathrooms and closets, and office spaces for the TCIFA President, General Secretary and supporting administrative staff. The scope also features common areas in the facilities to include a lobby/reception area, conference/ activity space, gym, changing rooms, cafeteria/ dining, and a laundry room for all residents.

“I would like to thank FIFA and the FIFA Forward Regional Office for recognizing the massive need for this very critical infrastructure, and for providing the human and financial resources to allow us to begin this journey. Today’s ceremonial groundbreaking represents and reinforces partnership in its truest form. This is a testament to the combined efforts of both the TCIFA and FIFA coming together to improve the quality of football in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The dormitory project will provide significant opportunities to our players, local sports community, and our broader region. We are thrilled to see construction get underway. It is a deep honor to mark this moment in time,” said TCIFA President Sonia Fulford.

“Special thanks to our project Manager – Mr. Dominique Durham of Future Build Consultancy, our Architects- Conservative Architects and SWA Architects who initially began the TCIFA projects. Thank you to our consultants- Engineering Systems Design and Engineering Design Services, and finally, our contractor- JACA TCI Ltd. This is indeed a historic occasion for the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association. This is not just a physical structure being erected, it is much more than that. This project is the TCIFA’s most extensive project of all the FIFA Forward projects; it is also the first of its kind here in the TCI.”

Hervé Blanchard, Regional Office Development Manager- FIFA Barbados said “I want to reiterate my congratulations to the TCIFA for this wonderful project that has been in the works for many years. Today is a day of congratulations and celebration.” He continued, “This dormitory is going to be a turning point for this federation. It’s a great example of how FIFA Forward funds are to be allocated strategically for the sustained development of the game. Thank you [TCIFA] for your partnership, close collaboration, trust, and dedication to

continue elevating the game, and the level of football in Turks and Caicos, but as well as the region. We’re proud and excited to continue working hand in hand with the TCIFA on the future developments of this entire facility. Football in Turks and Caicos is in great hands. It has a beautiful home- one that we should be proud of, and that shows the way forward for the sustained development of the game across all of its islands.”

Marco Leal, Chief Officer Member Associations & Office of the President- Concacaf commented, “I want to congratulate TCIFA for the vision of this project. Thank you [TCIFA] for what you have done for football. This is only a testament of what is yet to come.”

Hon. Akierra Missick, Leader of Government Business and Minister of Physical Planning & Infrastructure Development said, “This is legacy building. This is providing opportunity for young people, young at heart, football fans, and those who just want to kick a ball around on the weekend with their grandkids. Thank you to FIFA Forward for assisting with the funding. Thank you TCIFA for never pulling back on your vision for football in these islands. It will take it from strength to strength. Thank you to FIFA for continuously believing in the Turks and Caicos Islands.”

Major Sponsor of TCIFA Golf Tournament and Disciplinary Committee Member Mark Fulford was on hand to witness the ground breaking and commented , “ It is a share joy to witness the vision of President Sonia Fulford coming to fruition with this ground breaking. It’s a testament to her leadership and her and her teams commitment to developing football at the highest level in TCI, and much kudos goes to Sonia and her team!”

Construction of the dormitory project is expected to begin during the course of August 2022 with a projected completion goal for the first phase in June 2023.

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